Tropical Urban Business Park

A seminal project in the heart of Cybercity-1, the Tropical Urban Business Park is set to redefine the quintessence of sustainable, integrated and innovative tropical urbanism. Located in the island township of Bayan Baru, strategically along the main arterial road from the airport, this iconic gateway development with its thriving tapestry of vegetation and light is envisioned as a flourishing green urban landmark gateway to the “Garden of the East”, invigorating the city with its rejuvenating vertical parkscape. Located within a district characterised by visually solid, hard-edged and plain architecture, the project differentiates itself by prioritising the quality of its human landscape and community spaces, integrating the hardware of urbanity with the heartware of community.

To craft a highly liveable and desirable live-work-play-learn environment, a new typology of mixed use buildings is proposed, one in which precious land within the prime urban site is multiplied by introducing new and green intermediate ground levels of social and civic function, synergising the economy of technology/business parks with the ecology of community/public parks. This translates into a unique blend of offerings featuring a fully pedestrianised concourse, creation of multiple new ground levels with tropical urban community spaces in the sky, integration of greenery into well-articulated facades, and the implementation of sustainable passive design.

Through these strategies, the project demonstrates that innovation can be simple yet radical, with tropical architecture creating a strong product and branding for the developer, an attractive home/workplace for the urbanite, and a truly organic jewel piece taking pride of place within the Pearl of the Orient.