NS Square

NS Square will replace the existing Float @ Marina Bay as an event venue featuring a National Service-themed gallery, community sports facilities and a public waterfront promenade.

A new permanent stage deck will replace the existing floating platform, with a grandstand of 30,000 seats curving around the stage to provide an uninterrupted line-of-sight as well as bring spectators closer to the ‘action’. The space can be configured for events of different scales and types, such as concerts, performances, sporting activities and competitions. When not in use for events, the stage will be transformed into multi-purpose space for community activities. The public can enjoy a new waterfront promenade in front of the stage that will form part of the continuous loop around Marina Bay.

Leveraging on the unique waterfront location, NS Square will feature a water sports facility to support dragon boating, canoeing and kayaking. There will also be a swimming pool and water play areas for the public to enjoy. The development will incorporate a gallery that showcases Singapore’s National Service story in a mix of open and enclosed exhibition spaces.

NS Square will be the central focus Singapore’s new downtown and reinforces its identity  as a vibrant, resilient and sustainable city state.