SkyVille @ Dawson

Whilst many cities are struggling to house their populations in humane conditions, this project sets a very high standard for subsidized housing, not only providing excellent homes, but setting these within a three dimensional matrix of community space to ensure that strong bonds are formed between neighbours.

SkyVille @ Dawson is a public housing project commissioned by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore on a strict public sector budget. Three main themes – community, variety and sustainability – form the basis of the design.

Each home is designed to be part of a Sky Village comprising 80 homes that share a naturally-ventilated community terrace and skygarden. Every tower is composed of 4 vertically stacked Sky Villages, with the 3 towers linked horizontally. Despite the 960 homes, there is not a single internal corridor in the development. Public space for various types and sizes of community groups are distributed through the towers and the ground plane, and are fully open to the public. The entire roof is a public park with a 300m walking track.