Victoria Park Road

These three bungalows at Victoria Park Road represent a new level of contemporary tropical living. The houses provide a combination of practicality, comfort and luxury. They project a clean and elegant statement in design, which compliments their pleasant garden setting.

The houses are well appointed, each with 4 bedrooms and separate living, dining, family and kitchen areas, which are placed like glass pavilions amongst the greenery. Internal glass roofed courtyards make every room a bright and airy delight, yet screens and louvres allow the light to be filtered to maintain a comfortable ambience. These full height courtyards make the basement level as well lit and ventilated as the other parts of the house.

Glass is used extensively in the living and dining areas with the swimming pool built into the house as a cool and calming heart. The careful integration of the internal and external areas permit the occupant to live in the garden and dine by the pool even without going outside. Materials and design details have been developed to maximise the spatial flow, space utilisation and comfort of the occupants, yet are simple to maintain.

Each house has a unique and individual layout yet the same simplicity, practicality and beauty of the design.