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WOHA is focused on integrated design for the built environment, encompassing a continuum through masterplanning, architectural, landscape, interior to lighting and furniture design.

The driving force in this integrated approach is “Systems Thinking”, which begins with recognising that every development interacts with all the other systems in the adjacent plot, district, city and natural world, and then designing to enhance this connectedness so as to strengthen the resilience of the whole. WOHA’s creative process involves finding innovative and regenerative ways for the city’s various systems – land use, public space, community, mobility, urban greenery, biodiversity, energy, food, water, waste, etc – to strategically and synergistically overlap and maximize the project’s potential.

In this holistic design process, WOHA’s work integrates aspects across disciplines, either through in-house expertise or close collaboration with specialists, not in segregated departmental silos but in an integrated manner.

The “Form Follows Systems” integrated approach drives WOHA’s radical rethinking of urban morphologies and building typologies such that every design intervention strives not only to “do less harm”, but to “do more good” – both ethically, in terms of sustainability and sociability, as well as the aesthetically, in terms of design.

WOHA’s “Systems Thinking” approach extends beyond the conventional architectural scope and encompasses a suite of value-added services that can be brought to every project. This includes envisioning workshops, feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement, brief development, user experience choreography, place-making concepts, design communication, marketing/publicity frameworks, brand identity, post occupancy evaluation, etc, all of which translates to bringing vision and aspiration into constructed realities that results in successful civic and commercial outcomes that are measurable and memorable.